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Founded in 1979, the Polish Heritage Club of Wisconsin-Madison (PHCWI) was formed to promote the heritage of our Polish ancestors through educational, cultural, charitable, and social objectives including:

• Encourage among Americans, particularly Americans of Polish ancestry, an interest in and knowledge of the Polish as well as American traditions in their cultural heritage.


• Join together for social and civic activities to sustain the originality, value and joy of Polish customs and tradition and their compatibility with American history and heritage.


• Give an organized welcome in Wisconsin to artists, scholars, dignitaries, writers, musicians and other proponents of Polish-American culture.


• Promote understanding and unity among Americans of all ethnic backgrounds.


• Advance academic learning and education of our Polish heritage.


• Contribute to charitable causes.


The Polish Heritage Club of Wisconsin-Madison will award a scholarship(s) to provide tuition assistance for students pursuing a secondary education.


The Scholarship Committee of PHCWI will review the application materials submitted by each student to ensure that criteria have been met and present to the Board of Directors (BOD) their candidate for the scholarship. The scholarship check will be awarded upon verification of completing one semester of the coming school year. The decisions of the Scholarship Committee and BOD are final and are not subject to review.



To Be Eligible for Consideration:


1. Applicant must be of Polish ancestry OR studying the Polish language, history, society or culture OR be significantly engaged with Polish culture.


2. Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a legal permanent resident.


3. Applicant must be a Wisconsin resident (a Wisconsin mailing address or graduate of Wisconsin High School).


4. Applicant must be enrolling or enrolled in an educational program seeking the associate or undergraduate degree in any field of study at an accredited U.S. university or college


5. Applicant has demonstrated excellent academic performance. Successful applicants will usually have a grade point average of at least a 3.0 on a four-point scale.


6. Applicant must not be a previous recipient of a PHC scholarship.


All applicants must complete the scholarship application and requested attachments, sign, date and mail materials post marked no later than JUNE 15, 2024. Faxes are NOT accepted. Original and 3 duplicate copies of all materials must be mailed to the Polish Heritage Club of Wisconsin-Madison.


All materials submitted by applicants will become part of the records of the PHCWI and will not be returned. Late, incomplete or unsigned applications will not be accepted or returned for corrections.

(download the application form here)


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