OUR Mission: 

  • Acquire and/or spread knowledge about Poland, its culture and history;

  • Share the Polish-American experience among its members and the wider community;

  • Enjoy social and cultural opportunities;

  • Foster a sense of community and cultural identity.


SPECIFIC objectives:

  • Encourage among Americans, particularly Americans of Polish ancestry, an interest in and knowledge of the Polish as well as American traditions in their cultural heritage.

  • Join together for social and civic activities sustaining the originality, value and joy of Polish customs and traditions and their compatibility with American history and culture.

  • Give organized welcome in Wisconsin to artists, scholars, statesmen, writers, musicians and other proponents of Polish-American culture.

  • Promote understanding and unity among Americans of all ethnic backgrounds.

  • Advance academic learning and education of our Polish heritage.

  • Contribute to charitable causes.